With about a month let in your home, now is the time to start planning out your future.

Work with your Mortgage Broker to map out your future

property plan.

It’s also time to start preparing for the actual move.

Arrange for a removalist.

Depending on your circumstances you may need to also contact a storage company

Assemble packing boxes,materials to wrap breakables, packing tape

Assuming you will be doing at least some of the packing yourself, make sure you have plenty of supplies.

Prepare a list of utility suppliers to contact

Electricity, gas, postal, phone, internet, electoral role etc


With only about 3 weeks to go, you’ll need to start getting organised

Pack the belongings you can

Now is also a good time to start sorting through some of the extra clutter you might have around your home.

Get rid of items you don’t plan on taking with you

This is a great time to hold a garage sale, donate some of you unneeded items to charity or friends or recycle or dispose of things that can no longer be used. This is also a time to gather all of your most important items

Assemble important documents and store in a safe place

This could mean a safe deposit box, or putting together a special moving box that won’t leave your sight. This should included your home’s sale and loan records.


With two weeks to go, you’ll want to ensure that you notify everyone who needs to know about your impending move.

Take services out of your name

You’ll also want to pay off any remaining utility bills while you’re at it. You’ll need to sort out gas, electricity and others. In addition, start notifying everyone who needs to know about your move.

Change address with relevant entities and/or get your mail redirected

Australia Post

Superannuation Fund

Dept of Transport




Insurance Provider


Utility Provider

Local Council

Now is the time to complete any last minute tasks

Make required home property improvements or repairs

Remember to hold onto those records and preserve them for possible tax purposes.

Make plans for young children or pets on moving day



With only one week left, there’s still plenty to do.

Clean the home or arrange for a bond cleaner

It’s important to leave your home in the same condition as you sold it/rented it, whether you clean it yourself or hire an outside company.

Confirm last minute details

It is especially important to get in touch with your removalist, if you are using one.

Confirm the date and time you need them, confirm where your possessions are headed, and any other specifics you may have.

Make minor touch-ups

While any major improvements should already be complete, now is also a good time to patch up any nail holes or complete minor paintin jobs.


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