Property Investment

Generations of Australians have built their wealth on bricks and mortar, secure in the knowledge that residential real estate can deliver regular, tax-friendly rent returns and long term growth in value.

It all starts with a goal, what’s yours?

9 reasons why you should use a Pivotal Financial Broker

A Pivotal Financial Specialist will teach you how to buy.

Pivotal Financial Specialist will guide you through the home buying process, from application, liaising with your solicitor, compiling documents, all the way to settlement. We can teach you how to buy, so you don’t stress yourself out.

We aren’t tied to particular Lenders and Products.

Pivotal Financial Specialist have access to over 30+ lenders, without any specific partiality, we can compare a range of lenders and products. We understand and stay on top of ever changing lenders policies, so we can offer tailor-made solutions exactly right for the customers financial needs, not just a blanket solution for all.  This way you’ll be able to save time and money, avoid confusion and improve your chances of getting approved.

Services are free.

Pivotal Financial Specialists are paid by the lender, an upfront commission at the settlement of the loan and a small trail commission for the life of the loan. No cost to the customer but paid by the bank. Trailing commission is paid to cover the cost of continued service to the customer throughout the life of the loan – regular mortgage health checks, if a lower rate is available elsewhere the broker can negotiate with original bank, loan top ups, switch or rate negotiation, these all have a cost to process and trail covers this.

Benefit from their experience

Pivotal Financial Specialist are specialists in their field with many years credit and finance experience. We know how to get your application approved and get the best loan that fits your situation.

We can Speed up Your application

All our specialists have good relationships with all our 30+ lenders, which means application turnaround time can be up to 2-3 days faster.

We can make the home buying process easy

We’ll keep you updated at each stage of your application & settlement. We’ll liaise with your conveyancer and real estate agent to make the process seamless and stress-free.

We Specialise in the following Loans

Home Loans

Car Loans

Equipment Finance

Personal Loans

Property Investment Loans

Commercial Loans

Business Loans

Financial Planning

Insurance Needs

We can help you make you mortgage work for you

We’ll explain home loan features such as offset accounts and redraw facilities which can help you better manage your mortgage over the long term.

RE/MAX Australia and Pivotal Financial – a mutual partnership for the best outcome for our clients.

Pivotal Financial is the financial arm of RE/MAX Australia, one deals with loans, the other with homes, but Pivotal Financial Specialists and RE/MAX real estate agents, serve a common client and can strengthen their offering to their clients when connected by a mutually partnership.

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