About Me

    Finance broker Tim Denton has more than 12 years of finance industry experience, working as part of large corporate organisations and also being self-employed. He launched his own finance broking business because of his passion for helping people as well and achieving success for his clients.
    Tim takes pride in his finance industry experience, knowledge and skills; and says ‘I know first-hand that researching the best possible finance option is hard work, but when you deliver the outcome to a happy client, it is worth every bit of the effort.’
    Tim understands how important trust is and he takes the time to understand each and every client’s specific needs to ensure he can deliver the best possible outcome.  He is also heavily focused on building strong relationships with the lenders which enables him to get deals done whilst having access to the most reliable, up-to-date information possible.
    Tim’s clients describe him with comments such as ‘he will do everything he can to make something happen’; ‘he is always thinking with his clients’ best interests at heart’; very accessible’; ‘very relatable’; and ‘always working to find the best solution’.
    Success for Tim is simply ‘finding a way to make things happen’ and there is no better feeling for him than when he gets to tell someone that their loan is approved. A true measure of his service though is when clients return or are so happy with his efforts that they confidently refer him to their family, friends and colleagues.
    Tim genuinely loves what he does, and treats every day as a new challenge. “I want to build an ongoing relationship with you and manage both your current and future finance needs. With clients from Brisbane to Broome and Townsville to Tasmania, there isn’t an area that I can’t service; and whether you are looking for a new a loan or you are reviewing your borrowings, I’m happy to chat. There is never a wrong time to see if you are currently getting the best deal.

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