About Me

    Nikki Ireland has the knack of achieving success for clients that don’t fit the box, who have different or challenging circumstances. Her great strength is in never giving up. She says, “I will work hard until I can help someone and, if for some reason I can’t right then, I will show them a path to help them get to a better position.”

    This ability, along with a bright and bubbly personality, her openness to everyone’s situations and the need to help others get out of sticky situations, sets her apart.

    Nikki entered the finance industry in 2011 and became a broker in 2015.

    “I love that I can help my clients find the right solution with their mortgage and in all aspects of their finances. I love the joy of helping first home buyers secure their home and show them how to own it sooner, helping first time investors and return investors, and also small business with their commercial lending.”

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