About Me

    Col entered the finance industry in 1973, in banking, and says that a decade as a currency broker in Sydney taught him to think on his feet, pay attention to what’s happening around him and able to adapt quickly to changing situations. In total, he has well over 25 years of experience in international banking and currency broking both in Australasia and internationally.

    Col’s experience, qualifications and accreditations enable him to negotiate with a multitude of lenders, providing the best finance structure for his clients. He prides himself on making the experience as straight forward and easy as possible, and measures success in the knowledge that the client is happy and has been helped to achieve the outcome they want to better their life regardless of loan value. An enjoyment of meeting new clients, looking at their position and making a positive impact on their life are his drivers. If lending and real estate are two of Col’s greatest passions, another is golf, and Col traveled to Scotland to play 10 of the country’s top courses including St Andrews. And with experience and passion driving Col, he will be proactive in managing all your current and future finance needs.