Does your Home Loan interest rate start with a 4 or a 5?

Should you be looking at maybe refinancing, whilst rates remain at a record low?

The potential benefits of refinancing are:

  • You will save money as you pay less interest over the life of the loan, which means…
  • You will reduce your debt in less time, which means…
  • You will own your home sooner.

Alternatively, if you want to consolidate debt, deal with a bad credit rating, buy, renovate or build a new home or simply gain more flexibility, you should also consider refinancing.

So how do you refinance? First of all, contact one of our mortgage specialists who will work through the process step by step with you in person.

Once they conduct a free financial wealth check to ascertain your overall financial position, they will advise on what loan/ rate suits your situation best.

Depending upon the conditions of your existing loan, it may or may not be worth switching. For instance, some loans may charge large exist fees therefore the new interest rate would need to be substantially less to make the exit fee worthwhile.

This is where Pivotal Financial Specialists will earn their wage by doing all the ground work on fees and liaising with different financial institutions to ensure your lending needs are met.

So if you are interested in refinancing, or would like to talk to one of our mortgage specialists, please contact us on email [email protected]


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